About Us

As has already been described, the “KEARI POULTRY HATCHARY” is the first business diversification of KEARI LIMITED which was started in 2001. It is located about 100km away from Dhaka, at Trisal, Magurjhara. The basic information of the project are given bellow.

Our Projects
First project:
Project Area: 15 Acre
Type of project: Environment Control Breeding Farm & Hatchery.
Capital Investment: TK 10 Corers
Production Capacity : 70,000/week, 36, 40,000/anm
Distribution Network : Distributed by company’s transport/under own arrangements through enlisted agents.
Yearly Turnover: TK 8 Corers
Market expansion: Has earned the trust of farm (Broiler) owners.
Expansion Unit-1:
Project Area: 5 Acre (In a near by area of first project)
Type of project: Environment Control Breeding Farm & Hatchery.
Expanded Capacity: 45,000/week, 23, 40,000/anam
Implementation state: Already implemented
Expansion Unit-2:
Another unit in a separate area on a land of about 40 bigha with a production capacity of 115,000 DOC per week has already been approved by the KEARI BOARD. Implementation process is in progress.
Poultry Slaughtering and Further Processing Plant:
After the success in poultry Hatchery Project, to meet the growing demand of ready and advanced poultry products, the company is considering the establishment of a modern slaughtering and further processing plant. Implementatation will start as soon as the details are worked out and finalized.
Poultry Rearing House:
To support the requirements of inputs for the planed slaughtering House, own source of live birds is a necessity. To meet such requirements, establishment of a rearing house with own DOCs (Day Old Chicks) is also under considerations, which other wise will ensure the use of own surplus DOCs whenever require and can be marketed (live chicks) in the local market also.
Feed mill:
To ensure the KPH produced best quality chicks, KPH have purchased a land of about 12 bigha with production capacity 10MT/H which has already been approved by the KEARI BOARD.